GradPlan is the web-interactive system for Ph.D. students only to create and store their Ph.D. Degree Plans and subsequent graduate program activities. Link to the log-in page:

GradPlan replaces the Report of the Guidance Committee, Record of Comprehensive Exam, and the Dissertation Final Defense form.

After students have entered their program plan into GradPlan, the plan is reviewed and approved electronically at several levels via the Forms Tracking Utility. The approval begins at the program level (usually a graduate secretary/coordinator), then committee members, next by the department, and lastly by college personnel. 

These plans can also be viewed in Grad Audit, which is located in the GradInfo system.

GradInfo collects data for Master’s and doctoral students in every graduate program.

Final acceptance of the dissertation by the Graduate School and the final degree certification by the department, college and Office of the Registrar are all set up for final approval and stored electronically in GradPlan.

All Ph.D. students who will complete their degree programs Spring 2017 and thereafter will be required to use GradPlan!

Beginning Spring 2017 and beyond, GradPlan will be the only Ph.D. degree certification process used. No more paper forms!

These brief Guides will walk you through how to use GradPlan.

For Ph.D. students GradPlan Student Guide - PDF version (updated 12/12/2012)

For Ph.D. students GradPlan Student Guide - Word version (updated 12/12/2012)

For Grad Program Directors, secretaries, administrators GradPlan User Guide (updated 9/29/2014)

For Faculty serving on guidance committees GradPlan Faculty Guide (updated 9/29/2014)