The new GradPlan, which now encompasses both master’s and doctoral (Ph.D.) students, is currently live at; all graduate students graduating in fall 2021 or after will use the new GradPlan.

GradPlan helps master's and doctoral students create and store their degree plans and subsequent graduate program activities. It is where students form their guidance committee (if required), create and update a course list, track RCR, and view and complete their annual research activity guide.

Administrative and support staff will access GradPlan to view/approve course lists and committee information, track/approve RCR, view activity guides, and upload students’ annual reviews. Additional functionality for staff will be available in future system updates.

There are a number of resources available online, including a self-paced training for both students and staff, as well as job aids and overview material, which can be found within the GradPlan section of

Legacy GradPlan (until September 2021)

Available at to Ph.D. students who will graduate in spring or summer 2021.

These plans can also be viewed in Grad Audit by staff, which is located in the GradInfo system until September 2021.

These brief Guides will walk you through how to use GradPlan.

For Ph.D. students GradPlan Student Guide - PDF version

For Ph.D. students GradPlan Student Guide - Word version

For Grad Program Directors, secretaries, administrators GradPlan User Guide

For Faculty serving on guidance committees GradPlan Faculty Guide

New GradPlan Q&A for Staff