Grad School Grants & Research

Current Grants

NSF- Center for Academic and Future Faculty Excellence (CAFFE)

An NSF Innovation through Institutional Integration (I3) grant: A focus on preparation of the next generation of STEM faculty. 2010-2014. $1.2M. Associate Deans Tony Nunez & Julius Jackson, Dean Klomparens.

NSF-AGEP Alliance for Grad Ed and the Professoriate

Continuing 7 year previous AGEP grant with a Michigan alliance of public research universities—MSU, UM, WSU, WMU, MTU. $370,000. 2013-2017. Graduate student recruitment and completion of Ph.Ds. Associate Deans Nunez and Jackson, Dean Klomparens.

NSF-AGEP Alliance for Graduate Education and the Professoriate.

Big Ten Academic Alliance-wide. $274,760. 2013-2017. Focus is expanding the domestic diversity of postdocs across the Big Ten Academic Alliance. Associate Dean Tony Nunez.

NSF-CIRTL Center for the Integration of Research, Teaching and Learning (CIRTL).

Focus on integrating 25 CIRTL network partner universities. Preparing a national faculty to address STEM undergraduate learning. $5M. 2013-2016. $188,912 to MSU. Associate Dean Campa.

NSF-WIDER (CIRTL partnership grant)

$743,133. 2013-2016. MSU, BU, Vanderbilt, UW-Madison within the network of CIRTL institutions. MOOC-supported learning communities for advancing evidence-based STEM teaching; develop and evaluate 3 models to prepare future faculty to implement and advance evidence-based, high-impact teaching practices. $743,199 with MSU as lead institution (Associate Dean Campa). 2013-2016.

National Institutes of Health BEST (Broadening Experiences in Scientific Training)

Director’s Fund. Stephanie W. Watts, P.I. $1.25 M 2014-2019