Immersive Visualization Institute

Digital Scholarship Lab 360 RoomFor the third year, the Graduate School, together with Abrams Planetarium, MSU Libraries, and the MSU Museum, made it possible for graduate students and faculty mentors to explore MSU's “ecosystem” of immersive visualization technologies. This ecosystem includes the Abrams Planetarium Sky Theater, MSU Libraries Digital Scholarship Lab’s 360 Room, and the MSU Museum’s Science On a Sphere. These technologies offer unique opportunities for teaching, learning, and research and are available to MSU students and faculty members.

Participation in the one-week "Immersive Visualization Institute (IVI)" was open to applicants across the entire university and required completion of an application. A $500 fellowship was awarded to each graduate student. This hybrid summer institute prepared participants to create content for the Science On a Sphere, Planetarium, and the 360 Room at the Digital Scholarship Lab. While the affordances of these technologies differ, the relevant approaches and production processes significantly overlap. Participants investigated effective teaching strategy, planning and logistics considerations, and accessibility issues related to the technologies. In addition to learning about the three main technologies, participants received instruction in 360 Camera use, choropleth mapping, video editing, and Google Cardboard. Special speakers led discussions about pedagogy and real-life experiences using the technologies with students.

IVI helps make this technological ecosystem accessible to new MSU audiences, which directly leads to new course integrations and helps develop deeper relationships among units across campus. The nine graduate student participants represent a variety of colleges, departments, and interests. Their final projects represented creative uses of the technologies that incorporated their research work, teaching, and artistic work.

Co-conveners and Facilitators

Abrams Planetarium:

  • Dr. Shannon Schmoll, Director

MSU Libraries:

  • Terence O'Neill, Head of Digital Scholar Services
  • Dr. Amanda Tickner, GIS Librarian

MSU Museum

  • Dr. Denice Blair, Director of Education

Nick VanAcker, Museum Educator and Science On a Sphere Program Coordinator

Special Speakers

Dr. Danita Brandt - Earth And Environmental Sciences

Kiel Darling - Art, Art History, and Design

Erik Ponder - MSU Libraries

Dr. Laura Smith - Art, Art History, and Design

Dr. Stephen Thomas - College of Natural Science


Faculty and Post-doctoral Participants

Dr. Nancy DeJoy - Writing, Rhetoric, and American Cultures; Affiliated Faculty in Museum Studies

Luciano G. Silvestri - Post-doctoral Research Associate, Computational Mathematics Science and Engineering (CMSE)

Participating Graduate Fellows

Erik Amezquita
Erik Amezquita
Computational Mathematics, Science, and Engineering

Mitch Carr
Mitch Carr
Writing, Rhetoric, and American Cultures

Rebecca Conkin
Rebecca Conkin - Writing, Rhetoric, and American Cultures

Naajidah Correll
Naajidah Correll - English

Rabia Faizan
Rabia Faizan
Writing, Rhetoric, and American Cultures;
Affiliated Faculty in Museum Studies

Katherine Hagman
Katherine Hagman
Arts, Cultural Management, and Museum Studies

Katies Knowles
Katies Knowles - English

Amit Sharma
Amit Sharma
Curriculum, Instruction, and Teacher Education

Ramya  Swayamprakash
Ramya Swayamprakash - History