COGS Disciplinary Leadership Award winner - Tayo Moss

Tayo Moss

Tayo Moss, doctoral student in the Department of Kinesiology within the College of Education, has been involved in many different experiences throughout his graduate school career that have broadened his teaching abilities.  He has taught over 30 different courses in the Kinesiology Department at MSU and is research involves understanding how motivational implications of diversity in group contexts affects performance.  

Moss has a wealth of leadership experience in the field of sport and exercise psychology at both the national and international levels.  He is heavily involved in the North American Society for the Psychology of Sport and Physical Activity (NASPSPA).   Moss serves as a Graduate Student Representative to the NASPSPA Executive Board, which involves participation in executive board meetings and decisions, submitting a student column for the society newsletter, and overseeing student programming for the annual conference.   He is also part of a planning committee responsible for an historical NASPSPA program, which will include special scientific symposia, student events, photo collections, and recognition for notable NASPSPA members.

Moss has also had the opportunity to focus on developing leadership skills by participating in the Summer Research Opportunity Program (SROP), which is a disciplinary sponsored organization at MSU aimed at preparing undergraduate students for a research-intensive graduate career.   

Additional leadership opportunities Moss has had include working as a Learning Assistant for Student-Athlete Support Services (SASS), during which he mentored student athletes by enhancing their development both academically and personally.  He also serves on the proofreading board for the Michigan Reading Journal, which publishes on diverse topics related to professional development and teacher education in literacy.

“Leadership is important because positive leaders can inspire and drive individuals to be successful,” Moss said.  “In life, I strive to increase my leadership abilities by being a person of discipline, quality, and integrity.  My life motto is to complete all tasks with an eternal passion to enhance my own personal development.”

Moss plans to use the $2,000 COGS Leadership Endowment Fellowship award to help advance his leadership skill development through attending conferences and seeking out books and/or workshops devoted to leadership development of future academics.   

“I am flattered to receive this noteworthy achievement,” Moss said.  “Winning this award will allow me to pursue other avenues that relate to developing further leadership skills.  It has also given me the chance to reflect on what I have accomplished.  It means so much to me to win this award and I am so honored to receive it!”