Small Changes – BIG Difference Makers: Strategies That Inspire Faculty and Student Success Part II

Wednesday, October 20, 2021 - 12:00pm to 1:00pm

In bi-weekly Virtual Lunch and Learn & Best Practices in Teaching gatherings Graduate Teaching Assistants share their knowledge about teaching, teaching and technology tools as well as discuss research of teaching, book chapters relevant to work in an instructional setting. Anyone interested in these topics can join these meetings.

Completing the Circle Listening Session 

During Part I of the Small Changes – BIG Difference Makers: Strategies That Inspire Faculty and Student Success Learn at Lunch Session, the premise that higher education cannot increase student success without focusing on faculty/instructor success was suggested. Strategies, resources, tools that GTAs can easily integrate into their teaching practices were shared. We have completed only a portion of the circle. If we are going to impact student learning and success, we believe it is necessary and important to listen to you. You are invited to share 1) what you need as a GTA to support your teaching and learning, 2) what you imagine faculty and student success might look like and steps we might take to operationalize our visions, 3) other thoughts to help ensure your success along with your students’ success. We value, appreciate, and recognize your scholarship, expertise, and your gifts as we consider how we might optimize educator and student success. All are welcome to share their thoughts and/or listen as we, together, continue to complete the circle.  

Session Objectives 

Those in attendance will have an opportunity to: 

  • Share what they need to support their teaching, learning, personal, professional success 

  • Talk about what is and is not working and why  

  • Identify assets that can contribute to addressing barriers to instructor and student success  

  • Listen to the perspectives of others that may challenge and inspire their own perspectives 

  • Imagine what a graduate student/undergraduate experience inspired by an ethic of care might look like 

  • Suggest how we might build on the good work that is being done 

 Facilitated by Mary Beth Heeder, Sr. Consultant and Project Manager for Student Learning and Success; Instructor, Writing, Rhetoric and American Cultures Department, College of Arts and Letters 

Facilitator Bio:

All of the roles Mary Beth has held during her 40 years working at MSU are linked to her passion to help all students be successful as they navigate the exciting but often overwhelming college experience. Her current work in the College of Arts and Letters focuses on facilitating the integration of academic and student affairs in the College of Arts & Letters to create a seamless student experience across curricular and co-curricular opportunities. In addition to her student learning, student success, and faculty success work, Mary Beth enjoys teaching First Year Writing for the Writing, Rhetoric, and American Cultures Department. Her research interests include how students learn; curriculum and purpose development; mindset science; social psychological interventions and student achievement; how dignity and empathy impact teaching, learning, student and faculty success. 

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