Navigating the Master's

Friday, September 23, 2022 - 9:00am to 12:00pm

This interactive, hybrid writing workshop is designed to help students develop an individualized plan for understanding graduate school more generally and graduate writing more specifically. This workshop is designed for students in both the early and latter years of their master’s degree.

This 3-hour workshop will concentrate on understanding the transition to graduate school, navigating master’s degree coursework and graduation options (thesis, exams, portfolios, etc.), locating and using professional and personal support resources, and writing for both the degree and future job. Participants will create academic timelines for their master’s work (coursework, conference presentations, internships, etc.) at MSU and discuss technologies and habits that can help them stay on task. Participants will also discuss how to manage the stress that often pervades the life of master’s students and how to select and work with a committee.

The workshop will end with participants exploring and sharing their current writing practices, writing and revision strategies, and strategies for overcoming writer's block and procrastination. Facilitators will help guide discussions on adopting and maintaining productive practices to help maintain focus on academic and professional goals in times when we are collectively working through the COVID-19 pandemic and ongoing racial and systematic injustice and police violence against the Black community.

Zoom link and the face-to-face location will be shared with registrants prior to the date of the workshop.