GTA Virtual Lunch & Learn- [Pre] Prepping for the [Submission] Call

Wednesday, September 28, 2022 - 12:00pm to 1:00pm

In bi-weekly Virtual Lunch and Learn & Best Practices in Teaching gatherings Graduate Teaching Assistants share their knowledge about teaching, teaching and technology tools as well as discuss research of teaching, book chapters relevant to work in an instructional setting. Anyone interested in these topics can join these meetings. 

Session Description 

Award, fellowship, grant, and scholarship submission calls often sneak up on us, and can sometimes feel overwhelming depending on the submission criteria one must gather amidst the academic year. With some pre-planning and forward thinking, you can have at least some of those materials ready to jump off your hard drive and into that submission call. Walk with me through my MAGS Excellence in Teaching Award submission journey, asking questions along the way and setting aside some of your own teaching goodies as we go. 

Facilitated by T.J. Mesyn 

Information and Media & Curriculum, Instruction, and Teacher Education Ph.D. programs 

Graduate Assistant, School of Journalism 

You can read more about the presenter here.