Social and Community Engagement

Center for Community Engaged LearningIn partnership with campus and community, the Center for Community Engaged Learning advances community engaged learning at Michigan State University and prepares students for lifelong civic and social responsibility.  You can find many opportunities for volunteering, community-engaged research, democratic engagement, philanthropy, advocacy, and more! 

Graduate Certification in Community Engagement. MSU’s Graduate Certification in Community Engagement is an initiative of University Outreach and Engagement and The Graduate School. The Certification is designed to help graduate and professional students develop systemic, respectful, and scholarly approaches to their community engaged work.  With approval from their Guidance Committee chairperson and University Outreach and Engagement, students tailor their program of study to strengthen their scholarly and practical skills in community-engaged research and creative activities, community-engaged teaching and learning, community-engaged service and practice, and/or community-engaged commercialization activities.

Council of Graduate Students (COGS) is an authorized student government on campus representing our graduate/professional students at various levels across Michigan State University. Their mission is to improve and advance graduate education in order to ensure the vitality of intellectual discovery. COGS accomplishes its mission through advocacy, innovative research, and the development and dissemination of best practices. Supporting education is critical to achieving the highly skilled workforce needed for the U.S. to compete effectively in the 21st century global economy. Email: The COGS website often has a list of social events and other ways to engage in community and scholarship together.

Office for International Students and Scholars (OISS) hosts a coffee hour every week.  Check this page for updates about times and dates and locations.

The Gender and Sexuality Campus Center is dedicated to leading and collaborating on university-wide initiatives that prepare students to thrive in our diverse world, and enhancing the campus climate and support services for students marginalized by their sexuality or gender!  So when asked who is the Center for, it’s for everyone! 

The Alliances for Graduate Education and the Professoriate (AGEP) is a National Science Foundation program that supports recruitment, retention, and graduation of underrepresented U. S. minorities in doctoral programs of the natural and social sciences, mathematics, and engineering. Graduate students, post-docs and faculty who participate in building the AGEP Community at MSU will provide a key to changing the culture of U. S. colleges and universities to embrace building world-class STEM and SBE faculties who fully reflect the diversity in race, gender, culture and intellectual talent of the U.S. population. 

Collegiate Recovery Community (CRC) is housed in the Health Promotion Department. MSU’s Collegiate Recovery Community (CRC) serves students in or seeking recovery from alcohol and other drug addiction. The mission is to provide a safe and supportive campus community in which students in recovery from addiction can achieve their academic, personal and professional goals. The CRC and its services are designed to empower students to thrive in the fullness of the college experience, free from alcohol and other drugs. 

Student Parent Resource Center. The MSU Student Parent Resource Center offers a supportive environment to obtain information and resources for ALL students who are parents and their families on and off campus. Services offered by the SPRC:

  • Advocacy for student families
  • Academic and family support
  • Guidance for communicating with faculty and advisors
  • Financial assistance for child care, infant to age 12
  • Support in researching quality child care
  • Student Parents on a Mission (SPOM) peer organization
  • Pre-finals child care
  • Community Resource Guide
  • Student list serve with up-to-date information about community resources and opportunities for families
  • Other services as needed and requested by student parents 

Local Community Events. East Lansing and Lansing have many opportunities for socializing and community engagement.  From festivals and famers markets to concerts and community service projects, there are lots of ways to get off campus and explore.  Though many things have been impacted by COVID, people are still finding safe and creative ways to connect.