Physical Well-Being

Recreational Sports and Fitness ServicesRec Sports’ mission is to promote each participant's learning experience by engaging the university community in healthy lifestyles through sport, fitness, and recreational opportunities.  You can join an intramural team, participate in a virtual or in-person exercise class, or work out in one of our on-campus facilities. 

Active Spartans.  Exercise promotes optimal health and well-being and is integral in the prevention and treatment of various physical and mental health conditions. Our program aims to make physical activity accessible and welcoming for all students. If you're not sure where to begin or looking for new physical activity options, the ACTIVE Spartans Program is for you! The ACTIVE Spartans Program is an exercise program that matches you with a Physical Activity Mentor (PAM) who will: 

  • Develop an individualized exercise plan with you 
  • Learn creative and consistent ways to participate in physical activity to make exercise a consistent part of your life 
  • Be given support, motivation, and accountability 

The program is offered in-person or virtually. Fill out this Online Registration Form to help the Health Promotion staff understand your goals, motivation to exercise, your health history, and assess your current fitness levels.  They will then reach out to set up a free one-on-one session to create a personalized plan for you.   

Nutrition Services. The Nutrition Program for students at MSU is focused on supporting all people within our campus community to achieve eating competence. The work we do in nutrition counseling sessions, outreach programming, and health communication promotes a non-diet approach using the eating competence model and a weight-inclusive approach to support health. The Nutrition Program provides services guided by a belief that students are capable of making wise, well-informed decisions about nutrition when provided the information, education, and support necessary to do so. 

MSU Student Food Bank. The MSU Student Food Bank was founded to help students who are dealing with food insecurity.  Food insecurity refers to having limited food availability with a reduction in the quality or variety of food intake, that often results in disrupted eating patterns.  A lack of food security can be a considerable obstacle to academic success. Currently, the Food Bank is open by appointment and you can pick up food as often as once a week.  Check here for details on how to set up an appointment