Advance to Adventure (ATA)

The goal of ATA Prospective Student Visits is to provide an opportunity for an inclusive group of domestic applicants to visit MSU and be sold on committing to graduate study at MSU. The Graduate School invites proposals to co-fund multi-program and College-wide recruiting activities that aim to enroll inclusive cohorts of domestic students who will contribute substantially to the intellectual, geographical, racial, and ethnic population diversity of graduate students at MSU.

Proposals should show plans for a group of prospective students to visit MSU, meet faculty and current graduate students in a welcoming environment, and to develop a sufficient sense of comfort with the MSU community to commit to enroll. Prospective students are those who have applied and been admitted or are being considered for admission by the time of their visit to MSU. The Graduate School offers to share up to 50% of recruiting costs to support campus visits by inclusive groups of domestic students who have been admitted, or are in the admission process, to enter a graduate program at MSU. In preparing your cost estimate, propose what you need, but consider $5,000 as an approximate upper limit for our match. Please coordinate recruitment plans at a College level through the appropriate Assoc./Asst. Dean. The level of support offered by The Graduate School to a college may exceed $5,000 in some cases, and the support generally offered will favor campus visits by groups of students for planned activities to interact with faculty and current graduate students. Call the office or email Graduate School Associate Dean Dr. Terah Chambers ( if you have questions. The due date is November 14, 2022 to submit proposals for cost-sharing. The Post Activity Report deadline is April 14, 2023.

Submit the proposal by email to by November 14, 2022.

Click here for Advance to Adventure (ATA) Guidelines (PDF)