TA Professional Development - SEP program information

Graduate Program Directors/Secretaries are responsible for registering TAs for the Summer English Program.

Link to 2018 SEP registration

SEP has been redesigned for summer 2018 to bring more value to international TAs' experience in the program and to better complement the fall TA orientations (New Teaching Assistant Institute and International Teaching Assistant Orientation). Specifically, new course content emphasizes the communicative and compensatory strategies to enhance teaching effectiveness as well as the linguistic and sociolinguistic functions of classroom instruction for improved instructor-student interactions, including language appropriateness and expectations. More information about these changes and what's new will be added here in the coming months. We encourage you to urge new international TAs to attend this program in addition to both fall orientations.

See the current program below:

Summer English Program (SEP) is designed to help new international teaching assistants further develop skills in spoken English, cross-cultural communication, and making presentations. This four-week intensive summer course provides systematic practice in three areas of English relevant to classroom instruction:

  • English pronunciation
  • English used for presentations, and
  • English for “class management”

For immediate questions about the program agenda contact Laura Ramm at ITAprogram@elc.msu.edu. For assistance with registration contact Madeline Shellgren.