Online Research Integrity Courses by Epigeum

On-line Courses in Research Integrity NOW AVAILABLE to MSU Faculty, Students, and Postdoctoral Researchers/Scholars

MSU has partnered with other Michigan and International Universities to support the development of five on-line courses through Epigeum addressing Research Integrity from the perspective of individuals in Natural & Physical Sciences, Biomedical Sciences, Social & Behavioral Sciences, Arts & Humanities, and Engineering & Technology. Topics covered include a general introduction to research integrity, data management, assignment of authorship, the mentor-mentee relationship, conflicts of interest, the publication process, and issues relating to human subjects, peer review, publication, and responsibilities to society.

Please register for access to these courses through your D2L account. Go to “Self Registration” and  click. Then choose to be enrolled in the Course Offering Named “Research and Scholarly Integrity (Epigeum). Embedded within these lessons are MSU Context boxes such that you will learn both general and MSU-specific RCR information. We will focus on the Content that is for Biomedical Science.

Our focus this year will be both on using these in the 2018-2019 Workshop Series and on promoting their use within groups and departments / programs across campus.