MSU PDA - Travel Award Winners

Fall 2017 Travel Award Winners

Vladimir Grubišić
Title: Glial Cx43 regulates neuro-immune interactions in the mouse colon.

Research and travel plan

Maryam Naghibolhosseini
Title: A method for analysis of the vocal fold vibrationsin connected speech using laryngeal imaging.

Research and travel plan

Sudeep Perumbakkam
Title: Proteome and transcriptome profiling of equine myofibrillar myopathy identifies deimished peroxiredoxin 6 and enhanced cysteine metabolic pathways.

Research and travel plan

Spring 2017 Travel Award Winners

Bibin Paulose
Title: A component of the algal carbon concentrating mechanism increases both yield and water use efficiency in Camelin sativa.

Research and travel plan

Nathan Good
Title: Lanthanide-dependent metabolism of Methylobacterium extorquens AM1

Research and travel plan

Kathleen Quigley
Title: Post-fire soil soil chemistry in relation to burn severity

Research and travel plan

Fall 2016 Travel Award Winners

Daniel Youngstrom

Eben Gering
Title: Adaptation to feral environments is facilitated by ancestral and artificially-selected traits

Genetics of Adaptation

Research and travel plan

Cristina De Miguel Rojas
Title: Evolution of Plant Penetration by Fungal Pathogens

29th Fungal Genetics Conference

Research and travel plan

Spring 2016 Travel Award Winners

Sarah Ison
Title: Know thy neighbour – does loose housing at farrowing and lactation positively influence sow welfare post-weaning?

Research and travel plan

Nicole Neil
Title: Intervention intensity and language intervention for Down syndrome: dose, task, persistence, and phenotypic characteristics

Research and travel plan

David Perez Loureiro
Title: Beta delayed gamma decay of Phosphorus-26: evidence for a proton halo?

Research and travel plan

Travel Award Winners Fall 2015

Koigi Sugimoto
Metabolic regulation of terpenoid biosynthesis in glandular trichomes of tomato

Research and travel plan

Gould Billie

Genome-wide determinants of perenniality and adaptation to coastal environments in monkey flower (Mimulus guttatus)

Research and travel plan

Hunt Alessandra

Eradicating cystic fibrosis biofilms: combining tobramycin and triclosan kills
Pseudomonas aeruginosa and Burkolderia spp

Research and travel plan

Travel Award Winners Spring 2015

Rosa A. Moscarella

The central dogma of molecular biology: Investigating student conceptions about transcription

Research and travel plan Letter of support

Christina M. Ragan

Trait anxiety predicts medial prefrontal cortex gaba system protein expression in postpartum rats.

Research and travel plan Letter of support

C. Raul Gonzalez-Esquer

Streamlined Construction of the Carboxysome for the Development of Modular Protein-
based Nanoreactors

Research and travel plan Letter of support

Travel Award Winners Fall 2014

Ugo Bussy

A quantitative assay for reductive metabolism of a pesticide in fish using electrochemistry coupled with tandem mass spectrometry

Support letter Research plan Abstract

Caitlin Norah Callahan

Jargon or Gibberish: how does science read to understand undergraduate students?

Letter of support Research plan

Ehsan R Toosi

Linking Intra-aggregate Pore Size Distribution with Soil Organic Matter Stability, Evidence From
quantitative FTIR and Computed X-ray Tomography

Abstract Research plan Letter of support

Travel Award Winners Spring 2014

Qing Li, Department of Epidemiology and Biostatistics

Labor Complications, Birth Depression, and Signs of Possible Neonatal Encephalopathy in the Asphyxial Pathway to Cerebral Palsy among Term Births: An application of G-Estimation in A Matched Case control Study

Abstract and Research Plan Letter of Support

Ming-Jung Liu, Department of Plant Biology

Sequence-specific nucleosome positioning in putative transcription factor binding sites in Arabidopsis thaliana

Abstract and Research Plan Letter of Support

Saul Beceiro-Novo, National Supercondcting Cyclotron

The search for Cluster in 14C with the Prototype Active Target-Time Projection Chamber (pAT -TPC)

Abstract Research Plan Letter of Support

Mini Travel Award Winners May 2014

Mar Huertas, Department of Fisheries and Wildlife

Evidence for a lack of high affinity steroid binding protein in the sea lamprey

Pejman Ahmadiannamini, Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering

Polymer mesocomposites: Ultrfiltration membrane materials with enhanced permeability, selectivity and fouling resistance

Omayma Alshaarawy, Department of Epidemiology and Biostatistics

Diabetes Mellitus Outcomes: Is cannabis Smoking Proctective?

Travel Award Winners Fall 2013

Quan Zeng, Plant, Soil and Microbial Sciences Department

Identification and characterization of bacterial small RNAs in regulating Erwinia amylovora pathogenesis

AbstractDescriptionLetter of recommendation

Aditi Gupta, Microbiology and Molecular Genetics Department

Ultra-deep whole genome sequencing of HIV populations reveal the viral population structure and the extent of HIV genomic diversity

AbstractDescriptionLetter of recommendation

Zhaojun Yin, Chemistry Department

Bacteriophage Qβ As Promising Platform for Anti-Carbohydrate Cancer Vaccine

AbstractDescriptionLetter of recommendation

Travel Award Winners January 2013

Dr. David Duriancik

Abstract Duriancik

Letter of Support Duriancik

Dr. Robert Montgomery

Abstract Montgomery

Letter of Support RD Montgomery

Dr. Tongjun Liu

Abstract Liu

Letter of Support Liu

Travel Award Winners May 2012

We had some extra funds this round therefore four awards were given. Links for each abstract/research plan and letters of support are provided just in case the title interests you, or you need a reference for your application (next round of funding Dec 2012).

Dr. Cuihong Jia, Department of Pharmacology & Toxicology

Neuropeptide Y mediates injury-induced adult neuroregeneration

Cuihong Jia -Support letter

Cuihong Jia – Abstract and Research plan

Dr. Sabrina Jorge-Gonzalez, Biochemistry and Molecular Biology

Identification of a negative regulator of seed carotenoid by quantitative trait loci a genome wide association

Dr. Masaki Shimono, Department of Plant Pathology

The host cell actin cytoskeleton is altered in plants infected with Pseudomonas syringae

Masaki Shimono – Abstract and Research plan

Masaki Shimono – Support letter

Dr. Liliana Lettieri, Department of Zoology

Which traits are targeted by female choice in ecological speciation?

Liliana Lettieri – Abstract and Research plan

Liliana Lettieri – Support letter

Travel Award Winners December 2011

Dr Diana Karime Londono, Entomology, Michigan State University

‘Exploring genes involved in the insecticide resistance of the Colorado potato beetle (Coleoptera: Chrysomelidae)’

Diana Londono application

Diana Londono letter of support

Dr Xiaofeng Zhuang, Department of Plant Pathology, Michigan State University,

‘Evaluating gene expression of the pea-Sclerotinia sclerotiorum interaction using RNA-seq’

Xiaofeng Zhuang application

Xiaofeng Zhuang letter of support

Dr Naveen. V. Nair, Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering, Michigan State University

‘Locally Smooth Surface Meshes for Electromagnetic and Acoustic Integral Equations’

Naveen Nair application part I

Naveen Nair application part II

Naveen Nair letter of support