MSU PDA - Professional Development

Upcoming Opportunities:

  • The MSU-PDA and The Graduate School are hosting 3 professional development workshops on Friday, Sept 21st as part of National Postdoc Appreciation Week. RSVP today!
    • “Imagine PhD: A Career Exploration and Planning Tool for the Humanities and Social Sciences” will be led by Natalia Martin, PhD from 9.30-11.30am in Natural Resources, room 158.
    • “Planning and executing an effective postdoctoral training” will be led by Arjun Krishnan, PhD from 1-3pm in Molecular Plant Sciences, room 1200
    • “The future of BEST (Broadening Experience in Scientific Training) in the Grad School” will be led by Julie Rojewski, PhD from 3-5pm in Molecular Plant Sciences, room #1200.
  • BEST 2.0: MSU BEST 2.0 is a program to support biomedical trainees—Ph.D. students and post docs—in developing the skills and experiences to find, and succeed in, careers of their choosing. This program goes at your pace, and allows you to develop the path that serves YOUR interests.
  • STEM Teaching essentials workshops: 11:15am-1:00pm in 1425 Biomedical and Physical Sciences (BPS)
    • 9/11/18: "Improving Critical Thinking and Writing Through Scientific Literature Review" presented by Kellie Walters and Roberto Lopez
    • 10/9/18: "Exams as Learning Opportunities: Using Assessment Corrections to Enhance Meaningful Learning and Reflection" presented by Shahnaz Masani
    • 11/13/18: "The Frugal Spartan:  Strategies for Teaching Science Practices Using Free Technologies at MSU" presented by Stephen Thomas
  • MSU Psychology - Teaching Brown Bag Fall 2018: 12:30-1:30 in Psychology 230
    • 9/12/18: Teaching Statements
    • 9/26/18: Diversity Statements
    • 10/31/18: Teaching Large Lectures
    • 11/14/18: Crafting application materials for liberal arts/teaching-focued institutions

Campus Resources:

Post docs are able to take advantage of the resources, support, and personal and professional development opportunities offered by a range of offices and organizations at Michigan State University including: 

  • Academic Advancement Network (AAN) facilitates cross-institutional connections among individuals and entities in support of the advancement of academic careers.  The AAN supports MSU academic colleagues of all appointment types, career stages, and roles as they develop productive careers reflective of their individual aspirations and helps them understand how those aspirations contribute to institutional priorities.
  • WorkLife Office provides a one-stop destination for your lifespan and career/professional life questions. The staff of the office can help facilitate success in your many roles and can offer guidance in creating synergy between those responsibilities.
  • PhD Career Services provides multiple online resources, as well as workshops and advising, to support the many paths graduate students and postdocs choose to pursue.
  • The Center for Statistical Training & Consulting (CSTAT) provides personalized advice and consulting to researchers on research design, data collection, and quantitative analysis; normally this advice is provided free of charge for the MSU community. CSTAT also sponsors workshops on statistical methods and statistical software applications that are offered free of charge. The mission of the Center is to increase rigor, reproducibility, quality and quantity of research at MSU.

Additional internal and external resources for postdocs can be found on the Other Resources page. 

Past Workshops:

  • "I'm nearly done with my PhD, now what?" workshop by Dr. Tracy Costello (6/19/18).
  • “Interview as the Candidate They Want to Hire” workshop by Dr. Tracy Costello (6/18/18).
  • "Optimizing Mentoring Relationships to Promote Diversity and Research Excellence" workshop (6/8/18).
  • "Creating excellent meetings" with Graduate Student Life and Wellness.
  • "Conflict resolution: interactive workshop for developing communication skills and conflict resolution".
  • "Taking charge of your career: strategies for postdocs using individual development plans and mentor networks" with Victor DiRita.
  • "Addressing imposter syndrome in academia" with Valerie Young.