Mastering the Interview and Securing Positions at 2 and 4-year Institutions

Saturday, October 7, 2017 - 9:00am to 3:00pm
110 Chittenden Hall

What type of academic position would you like to have after completing your degree or post-doc? What are the expectations for applicants and potential career trajectories at different kinds of institutions? In this interactive workshop, you will learn about the academic cultures at a variety of institutions, and about how to tailor your application and interviewing strategies to these different settings.

In the morning session, featured panelists who are current administrators and faculty members from community colleges, liberal arts colleges, universities with historically specialized missions, and research extensive universities will discuss what they look for when they are screening applications, what interviews look like on their campus, and expectations for tenure and promotion.

The interactive afternoon session will focus on talking about research in the interview. Learn how to communicate your strengths and interests, set yourself apart in interviews, and get your audience excited about your work. Are you prepared for all of the venues and formats you might encounter in the job search (telephone interview, video interview, conference exchanges, campus visit)? Can you talk about your research outside your prepared job talk or research presentation? We will explore interview strategies through discussions of video vignettes. You will practice presenting your research to different audiences, and learn strategies for managing casual conversations on campus visits to job talks. This workshop is part of the PREP Job Search Series, and it fulfills the Certification in College Teaching Competency area "Understanding the University Context."

There is a $10 fee required to participate this workshop. A link to payment information will be provided in the confirmation email you will receive upon registration. Failure to pay this fee will result in your registration being dropped.

This workshop is full to capacity and registration is closed.