Inside Teaching MSU

Inside Teaching MSU is a network and resource center for MSU Graduate Students and Postdocs, dedicated to promoting teaching excellence through conversation and best practices.

Inside Teaching is about interconnection, about finding opportunities to decentralize conversations about teaching, and to take advantage of the expertise of our community of Graduate Students and Postdocs.

In a network, information flows multi-directionally; there’s not a single source, or a single producer of knowledge. Knowledge and information flows through the connections within the organization—both personal and professional.

Through our engagement on social networks, Inside Teaching hopes to capitalize on and build a network of Graduate Student and Postdoc participants, a network that is multi-directional.

But a network isn’t only a noun—it’s not just a thing. It’s also a verb; it’s something that you can do. To network is to make connections, to build relationships, to benefit mutually from knowledge and expertise. And so Inside Teaching MSU also hopes to promote the activity of networking amongst Graduate Students and Postdocs.

One of the primary ways that we’ve tried to build our network has been through social media. You can follow us on Twitter, where we’re active daily. Or you can follow us on Facebook, where we are also active in promoting events, resources, and conversation. We have a couple of specific activities that you may want to be aware of, and that we do hope that you’ll join.