IIT Call for Applications

IIT Fellowship Program 2018-2019

One of the most pressing issues in higher education today is the preparation of future faculty for undergraduate teaching. In the 21st century university, graduate students need to acquire both subject matter expertise and the ability to translate this knowledge into successful teaching and learning. The Graduate School at Michigan State University (MSU) and James Madison College (JMC), are pleased to cosponsor an opportunity for graduate students to prepare for such work—the Interdisciplinary Inquiry and Teaching (IIT) Fellowship Program.

The primary goal of the IIT Fellowship Program is to broaden and enrich the professional development experience of a diverse group of graduate students by placing them within an environment, James Madison College, with an established tradition in excellence in undergraduate teaching. Students selected for this full-year program will work with JMC faculty to engage in structured discussions on pedagogy and practice, course design and curriculum development. In addition, fellows will have an opportunity to investigate questions concerning the intellectual coherence and viability of interdisciplinary teaching and learning. In addition, fellows will have an opportunity to investigate questions concerning the intellectual coherence and viability of interdisciplinary teaching and learning. In this latter work, they will have opportunities for general interactions with JMC undergraduates. Fellows will also be encouraged to integrate their work in IIT with the  University Certification in College Teaching Program.

Selected fellows will engage in regular meetings with other fellowship recipients, with JMC faculty, and with JMC students. Fellows are also expected to attend select classes and curricular events in the College on a regular basis. Additionally, fellows will be invited to conduct individual or collaborative projects on interdisciplinary undergraduate teaching and mentoring, including Scholarship of Teaching and Learning (SOTL) projects. Fellows will share their findings at an end-of-year university-wide presentation and are encouraged to share their work more broadly in public venues such as electronic portfolios, conferences, and peer-reviewed journals. Fellows are expected to commit approximately 10 hours monthly to the fellowship and will receive $5000 to help support project expenses and/or travel to a conference to share their findings.

The IIT Fellowship Program is for doctoral students with an interest in interdisciplinary inquiry and undergraduate teaching. The program welcomes applicants from all colleges whose teaching areas would be relevant to an undergraduate college of public affairs. Applicants should be enrolled full-time in a program leading to a PhD, have previous teaching experience, be in good academic standing, and making progress on their degrees. Preference will be given to students in their second, third, and fourth years of doctoral study. Applicants should submit the attached application form, a CV, and a brief essay that describes their interest in and previous work with interdisciplinarity, as well as their specific interest in the IIT program. Awards will be made to individuals who, in the judgment of the review panel, have demonstrated academic achievement, interest in interdisciplinarity and undergraduate teaching, and engagement with issues in public affairs. Applications must be submitted on or before Monday, March 26, 2018; interviews to follow. Announcement of fellowship recipients will be made in mid-April.

For further information or questions regarding the program, please contact: Dr. Anna Pegler-Gordon, James Madison College, gordonap@msu.edu or 517-355-6548.

Please submit the application and all requested materials on or before March 26, 2018 to Dr. Anna Pegler-Gordon, James Madison College, Michigan State University, 361 North Case Hall, 842 Chestnut Rd, East Lansing MI 48825 or to gordonap@msu.edu.