The Leadership in Innovative Teaching Award


The Leadership in Innovative Teaching Award was established in 2014 through an endowment. The donor’s objective in creating this award is to honor the first MSU woman President, Dr. Lou Anna K. Simon, an administrator who encourages leadership in innovative teaching. The goal for the gift is to encourage College of Human Medicine students to design innovative approaches that facilitate the understanding of basic science and clinical knowledge.

The donor, Salah Karim Adel, MD FACOG, moved through the ranks to Professor of Obstetrics and Gynecology at the Cairo University Faculty of Medicine from 1952-1977. In 1977, by reciprocity, he became Clinical Professor of Obstetrics and Gynecology at Wayne State University Medical Center until retirement in 2001. His wife Houria Suzy Hassouna has been at MSU since 1980 teaching medical students, research and diagnostic service in thrombosis and bleeding disorders. A strong advocate for student leadership, Suzy Hassouna had much contact with Dr. Lou Anna Simon, always a driving force in the MSU administration. As Associate Provost and then Provost, Dr. Simon blazed the trail by innovative leadership. When Dr. Simon became President Simon, her first action was to carry student belongings to their dormitories on the first day of classes, thereby setting at MSU an example of innovative teaching.

Some CHM students are high achievers and others struggle to get passing grades. A student who develops effective communications and learning methods that effectively enhance in other students the ability to excel qualifies for the scholarship award. The award recipient should be someone who has helped other CHM students reach their full academic potential.


Students in good standing in the College of Human Medicine are eligible to apply for this award. Applicants must be registered for the following fall semester in order to receive the award, which will be given in the form of a fellowship.

2018-19 Process and application information

Two recipients will be selected in spring semester. Each award will be $1,250. The selection will be based on the merit of the innovation, and on documented evidence of helping other students benefit academically from novel learning resources.

Application deadline is January 16, 2019. Please complete the application form and email the form and required attachments to An selection committee will advise the Dean of the Graduate School on the selection of the awardees.

Funding of the award

The awardees will express acceptance and appreciation of the award in writing to The Graduate School within six weeks of notification.