Work/Life Panel: Loving Your Work and Your Family (and not always in that order)

Tuesday, March 20, 2018 - 2:30pm to 4:00pm
110 Chittenden Hall

Alison Bernstein, Anastasia Bodnar, Layla Katiraee, Natalie Newell, Kavin Senapathy, and Jenny Splitter. 

Collectively, they are the cast and director of  Science Moms, a documentary that tells the story of their  efforts to encourage people to use science in their parenting decisions. 

These women are all moms, with full time jobs: as freelance science writers, documentary filmmakers, science researchers, faculty members...they also put themselves out their for the public: and not everyone agrees with what they have to say. What would you do if your work went viral, and people you’ve never met started criticizing your personal decisions? 

This is perfect for anyone who wants to make sure they get the most out of their work and the best out of their life. It’s not just for moms!