Personal Finance Seminar

Friday, February 9, 2018 - 10:00am to 11:30am
115 International Center

Would you like to learn to manage your money better in graduate school and beyond? Do you find yourself struggling financially, living paycheck to paycheck in graduate school and without any money in your savings account at the end of the month?

Dr. Emily Roberts believes that graduate students who receive stipends and post-docs can improve their finances during their training and do not have to defer financial success until they start their “real jobs.” To that end, her presentations are specifically tailored to teach PhDs-in-training how to manage their cash flow and reach financial goals even on their small incomes.

By working on your finances during your training, you will reduce your stress around money, increase your net worth, develop positive financial habits, and prepare to transition to your next position. This foundation will set you up for a lifetime of financial success.

Having the knowledge, ability, and skills to manage your money plays a critical role in life success and not having enough of it impacts health as well as academic performance. Financial stress continues to be a common source of stress, anxiety and fear for graduate students. Keeping track of expenses, making a budget, and sticking to it are important skills to have in order to be financially responsible and independent. Learning how to maximize your financial wellness now will help you feel prepared to handle potentially stressful financial situations in graduate school and in life.