Graduate Student Leadership Summit

Saturday, October 28, 2017 - 8:30am to 4:30pm
Erickson Hall Kiva

The Graduate Student Leadership Summit is an intense, one day leadership development event, open to all graduate, graduate professional, and post-doc students. (Typically we have around 100 participants from all over the university.) The goal of the Summit is to empower graduate students to take a proactive approach to their leadership development so they may make a difference at MSU and in the world. At the Summit, students have the chance to learn about leadership from proven leaders in the areas of higher education, government, and business. Through quality keynote speakers and engaging workshops, students receive challenging content about leadership as well as engage in experiences that can help them develop core leadership competencies. The 2015 Summit included speakers, panelists, and break-out sessions about topics such as the T-shaped leader, social and emotional intelligence, conflict resolution, vision setting, intercultural communication, and leading in various contexts (academia, business, STEM, government, etc.). Anticipated speakers, panelists, and presenters for the 2016 Summit include: Dr. Lew Dotteror, Dr. Pero Dagbovie, Lisa Laughman, Dr. Woody Self, Dr. Ji-Eun Lee, Dr. Tony Nunez, and others.

Learning objectives and leadership skills developed:
• Students will develop personal, relational, functional, and contextual leadership skills.
• Students will understand the role of courage and vulnerability in the leadership process.
• Students will develop knowledge, ability, and skill in the area of Social and Emotional Intelligence.
• Students will develop the ability to inspire action in others.
• Students will develop skills such as conflict resolution, supervision, and project management.
• Students will begin to intentionally create and follow their own personal leadership action plan.
• Students will obtain information about how to get involved in campus and community organizations immediately!

Registration for this workshop is required. Registration will open on 9/28/17.