Graduate Student Leadership Summit

Saturday, November 5, 2016 - 8:30am to 4:30pm
Snyder-Phillips Hall, MSU Campus

Graduate Student Leadership Summit 2016: Courage, Consciousness and Community Being a leader in your discipline, career, and personal life requires a commitment to courage, consciousness, and harnessing the collective talent of a unified community. Leading at your highest capacity is a deeply personal experience that requires self-awareness, social and emotional intelligence, and the ability to lead in a variety of contexts (professional, personal, academic, industry, board meetings, etc.). You must also be able to draw upon and apply a wide variety of functional skills from executing effective meetings to resolving team conflict to managing organizational change. In this year's Graduate Student Leadership Summit, you will learn from proven leaders who have demonstrated these commitments while daring greatly in their personal and professional lives. Our speakers will discuss how they have led courageously in academia, industry, government, and in life. Each speaker will address how they manage their leadership internally (evolving belief system, courage) and externally (managing diverse people, designing innovative systems, etc).

Registration is required and costs $10.  After you register, you will receive information on paying via check or credit card.