Graduate Student Leadership Summit

Saturday, November 7, 2015 - 8:30am to 4:30pm
C20 Snyder/Phillips (Auditorium)

Leadership is an essential competency expected by all employers and held in high acclaim. Institutions of higher education, corporations, agencies, professional organizations, and other employers are actively seeking advanced degree holders with strong, demonstrable leadership and management skills. However, the development of leadership is often neglected by most graduate students as they face the many challenges of graduate school. There is an emphasis on why leadership is vital for future jobs, rather than on how a graduate student can develop their own leadership potential. The goal of the Leadership Summit is to rectify this problem and empower graduate students to take a proactive approach to their leadership development so that they may make a difference in the classroom, community, university, and in the world. The Graduate Leadership Summit is an intensive leadership conference where students will have the chance to learn about leadership from proven leaders in the areas of higher education, faculty, and government and business sectors. This year’s event includes speakers, panelists, and break-sessions about leadership topics such as the T-shaped leader, social and emotional intelligence, conflict resolution, vision setting, intercultural communication, and leading in various contexts (academia, business, STEM, government, etc.).

The Summit is a one day leadership conference put on by Graduate Student Life and Wellness, and it is the entry point for students interested in the additional leadership programming put on by Graduate Student Life and Wellness through their Leadership Institute and Academy.  This year’s Summit is Sat. Nov 7th on the MSU campus in Snyder-Philips.  The cost is $10, and breakfast and lunch is included.   Check-in is from 8:30-9:00, and the event runs until 4:30.  Highlights of the day include:

 8:30-9:00              Check-in and breakfast

9:20-10:20           Keynote Speaker -   Dr. Doug Estry, Associate Provost, --The T-shape Leader

10:30-12:00         Dr. Lew Dotterer – “Social and Emotional Intelligence: Leadership in Action”

12:00-1:00           Lunch, Networking (free)

1:00-2:00              Leading in Context - Panel of PhD leaders in various fields (academic, business, stem, government

2:30-3:30              Break-out sessions on topics including conflict resolution   (Dr. Tony Nunez), vison setting (Amber Cordell), Academic Leadership (Dr. Pero Dagbovie), Innovation and entrepreneurship (Dr. Christine Geith); etc.