Dissertation Support Group

Wednesday, November 1, 2017 - 12:00pm to 1:00pm
220 Chittenden Hall

This is a 6-week group for graduate students who are experiencing difficulty maintaining motivation and/or making effective progress in the writing of their dissertation. This group is open only to students who are actively working on and writing their dissertation full time. The group follows a brief, solution-focused model that utilizes short-term goal-setting in order to facilitate and maintain progress in the writing of the dissertation. Please note that this group does not focus on the technical aspects of writing, and there will be no review of written work in this group. Rather, the group is intended to help students stay on track to meet an expected draft, defense or graduation date. The group provides participants with a supportive, structured environment in which the presence of peers helps to mitigate the sense of isolation, frustration and anxiety that often accompany with dissertation writing process. A weekly “topic of focus” will also provide group members with an opportunity to discuss some of the most common barriers to effective writing such as procrastination, time management, stress/burnout, and writer’s block.

Facilitator: Aislinn Sapp, M.A., Coordinator of Graduate Student Support Groups

*This workshop has six sessions. To register, please visit the event page for the first session (October 11th).