Building Capacity for Emotional Wellness in Graduate School

Monday, October 16, 2017 - 6:00pm to 8:00pm
110 Chittenden Hall

It is not uncommon for graduate students to experience some anxiety and depression while completing their degree. Balancing personal, family, work, and academic responsibilities can feel overwhelming at times. In order to thrive in your graduate school experience it is helpful to be able to quickly assess your emotional health status and use this data to regain your emotional balance so you can move through your to do list effectively.

This course will help you understand the importance of emotional wellness, help you see the connection between emotional health and optimal performance, and provide you with the basic emotional wellness tools to help you be more resilient and effective in all the important areas of your life.

The class will incorporate basic principles of healthy human psychological functioning, as well as the core concepts of Acceptance Commitment Theory (ACT), and a brief introduction to Shame Resilience Theory (SRT)

*This workshop is a three part series that takes place on October 16th, October 23rd, and October 30th. Students MUST attend all three sessions.

This workshop is full to capacity and registration is closed. Please email if you have any questions.