2017 Graduate School Mentoring Awards

Monday, April 10, 2017 (All day)

The Graduate School is offering three separate Mentoring Awards:

Outstanding Graduate Program Community Award

This award will recognize a graduate program/department that proactively works to ensure that graduate or graduate professional students understand the professional expectations in their field and related disciplines. This might include (but need not be limited to) some of the following activities: effective orientations and annual progress reports, sustained career and professional development programing, a rich intellectual climate as evidenced through colloquia, seminars, etc. The program will receive $5000 from the Graduate School to support graduate program activities.

Outstanding Faculty Mentor Award

This award will recognize a faculty member who works to ensure that his/her students meet program expectations and milestones, and provides multiple enriched career and professional development opportunities (through, e.g., research experiences that go beyond the requirements of the dissertation, professional development and networking opportunities, community engagement experiences, enhanced teaching preparation, collaborative research/ scholarship/ creative activities). The mentor will receive $3000 from the Graduate School to support mentoring activities.

Outstanding Doctoral Student Mentor Award

This award will recognize a doctoral student who has already demonstrated the capacity to be a strong mentor. This student will have engaged in sustained mentoring activities at MSU that help other graduate or undergraduate students succeed in their own research. These activities could be related to, e.g., a course, a lab, a community research project, field research, and/or support programs. The student will receive a $1500 fellowship award. The student must plan to be enrolled in spring or summer 2017.

Nominations must be received by April 10, 2017.

Additional information and nomination information (PDF)