Creative Commons Licensing Information

Creative Commons License Option

The option of presenting authors with the opportunity to assign a Creative Commons License (CCL) to a dissertation or thesis is now available. Authors will be able to select one of the 6 CCL codes using the ProQuest ETD Administrator. The CCL assignment applies to the version of the manuscript deposited in an institutional repository or library server. Authors can assign and revise their CCL selection prior to submission to the university. ProQuest will deliver the author's CCL license selection in the metadata (xml files) that is delivered to the university.

Please note that the Creative Commons License selection does not apply to ProQuest's use of the student's dissertation or thesis. ProQuest's use of a student's work is governed by the ProQuest Publishing Agreement that the student accepts during the submission process.

For information regarding Creative Commons licensing, please see the Creative Commons web page at:

Examples from the ProQuest site that explain each license:

ProQuest site example 1

ProQuest site example 2