PhD Job Club

New! Ph.D. Job Club! Apply now!

The Office of Ph.D. Career Services and the Office of Postdoctoral Affairs are collaborating to offer a new way to empower and support you in your job search: A Ph.D. Job Club!

What is a Job Club?

A “job club,” also known as a job search club or a networking club, is a group of job seekers who work together to share resources, review each other’s resumes (and CVs, cover letters, etc), practice mock interviews, share job leads, and offer general encouragement, support, and advice about the job search. 

For this version, we will have an active group on D2L (and other virtual meetups) with a theme for each week with resources, assignments, and suggestions on how to enrich your exploration.

Why should you join a job club?

One of the biggest challenges for job seekers right now is the uncertainty about the economy and the job market. That uncertainty can be a huge source of stress: job clubs are a chance for you to work with others going through the same challenge, to offer peer support and encouragement.

You’ll also improve your own job materials, expand your network with other Spartans, and strengthen your communication skills. 

What do I have to do?

We have designed this PhD Job Club to be a 6-week commitment. You’ll be assigned to a group and as a group you’ll do the following things:

  1. Meet at least weekly (likely more) with your group
  2. Help your group decide group norms and “rules” like how long you’ll have to respond to each other’s work, how you will meet up, etc. 
  3. Share each other’s resumes, cover letters, and other materials and offer regular feedback to each other 
  4. Practice mock interviews, offer support, etc. to each other
  5. Participate in formal workshops and other professional development opportunities
  6. Celebrate each other’s accomplishments

Each job club will be assigned a member of the Graduate School team to support your work and facilitate some discussions.

Should I join this job club?

The PhD Job Club is right for you if you’re actively searching for your next position and you are open to meeting new people and offering them support in their career preparation. The group is only as successful as the members of the group, therefore it is essential that you commit to fully participating in the group and offering your support to your peers. You’ll be getting feedback on your materials, but also reading and offering feedback to other members of your group. 

What if I’m already hearing back from places where I’ve applied?

This is all the more reason to get involved. We would love for you to share your successes and your strategies with others. Everyone will be at a different stage in the process, and there is as much value in contributing what you know to others as there is in getting feedback about your career search.

Who is eligible?

People in the MSU community who have (or soon will have) a terminal degree (PhD, DMA, etc.) and are actively searching for their next position. Priority is given to Post Docs and MSU graduates who have completed their degree in the last year (or will soon finish).

Apply here!

Act now! Applications Due by Wednesday June 10, 2020.
You will be assigned to your group by Friday, June 12. 
The Job Club will begin meeting the week of June 15 (details forthcoming).