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Preparing Future Faculty for Effective Assessment of Student Learning

We are currently seeking postdoctoral fellows to participate in the PFF-ASL project. This voluntary professional development experience will prepare you to be a successful future faculty member in postsecondary education. You will have an edge as you apply for faculty positions in the United States and abroad. In addition, the knowledge and skills you will learn are “transferable” to many different careers in which enhancing learning plays a role.

Levels of Involvement

Participants will be able to be involved in the PFF-ASL fellow community at one of three levels, depending upon interest and time available.

Level 1: Fellows will attend periodic learning community meetings and participate in an Assessment Institute (May 6, 7, and 8).

Level 2: Some fellows may choose to utilize formal or informal connections within (or outside) MSU to develop their ability (through a project) to assess undergraduate student learning. This could be done in collaboration with a faculty member at MSU or connected with a course a postdoc is teaching at MSU or elsewhere.

Level 3: Some fellows may choose to utilize the above project to satisfy part of the MSU Certificate in College Teaching ( mentored teaching project.

Who is eligible?

We expect that all interested postdocs who send us an application will be able to participate, however, because this is a grant-funded project, if we receive more applications than we have places for postdocs, the applications will be chosen based on the following priorities:

  1. Those post docs who are also instructors in “gateway” (freshman and sophomore) courses in the Colleges of Natural Science, Arts and Letters, Social Science, Engineering, and Communication Arts and Sciences in at least one semester Spring 2013 through Fall 2014.
  2. Those post docs who are instructors in any undergrad course in the same colleges as above during Spring 2013 through Fall 2014.
  3. Those post docs who are instructors in any MSU undergrad course in any college from Spring 2013 through Fall 2014.

Specifics/time commitment:

Some of the workshops and other events offered as part of this program will be open more broadly to any postdoc, so we encourage you to apply if you are interested. We expect to have 100-150 Fellows in this program, so there is ample opportunity to accommodate participants from all 3 priority groups.

The PFF-ASL Fellow Network will be set up as a collection of Communities of Practice linked to College or disciplinary areas and will meet monthly to share ideas and knowledge. Postdocs will be encouraged to share thoughts on how they can best be mentored on the assessment of student learning. One of the outcomes of the grant is to define best practices.

How to Apply

THE DUE DATE FOR SPRING 2013 has passed. Another call for participants will go out prior to Fall 2013 and Spring 2014.

*Note: NO fellowship funds are associated with this program. It is a career and professional development opportunity.

Last Modified: 3/25/2013

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