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Commercializing University Technology: How Does Your Technology Move From MSU to the Public?

Grad students and postdocs are invited to attend WITH their faculty advisor/P.I.

For faculty and graduate students working in research, there are few things more thrilling than making a new discovery. But once the experiments are completed, the papers are written, the articles are published and the students have received their diplomas, what is the tangible impact of the discovery? For some fortunate researchers, the thrill of discovery is only surpassed by the rush of seeing their discovery transferred into products, services, and companies. But for many researchers, there are a myriad of questions about how this happens and how they can help make it happen.

The goal of this workshop is to provide insight into the commercialization process. This program is designed for academic administrators, faculty researchers, and their Ph.D. students. Topics include:
• What is intellectual property and why is it important?
• If my discovery is embedded in software, do I need a patent to see it commercialized?
• What is a technology license agreement and how does it work?
• What can I expect once I disclose my discovery to MSU Technologies (MSUT)?
• As a researcher, how can I help increase the chances that my discovery will be commercialized?
• How will I share in the financial success if my discovery is commercialized?
• If I’m interested in starting a company, how do I get started?

Real world examples of university technologies inside and outside of MSU will be used to illustrate the concepts presented in this workshop. A highly interactive style will be used to encourage questions and discussions. Richard Chylla is responsible for technology transfer and commercialization at MSU and has over twenty years of international experience in research, product development, commercialization, technology licensing, and university spinouts.

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Location: Kellogg Center, Red Cedar Rooms
Date: 2/5/2013 8:00 AM

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